Our Beliefs

Harrow Nature Heroes invite you to join us in preserving the wildlife of Harrow, to help improve and maintain our local environment and ultimately do a bit towards saving the planet.

We believe that:

Harrow has some beautiful nature reserves, parks and many wild spaces which are constantly under threat, as pressure on space for housing increases. Many people in Harrow are unaware of these opportunities or of the work that is being done, mostly by volunteers, to maintain and care for them.

Recent surveys have highlighted the disconnect of this generation with nature.  We spend more and more time inside buildings and watching screens. Time spent playing outdoors has halved and only one in ten children regularly play in wild spaces.

Connecting with nature is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, whatever age and stage you are.

Children who spend time in natural spaces grow into adults who care more about environmental issues and seek out natural spaces. Harrow Nature Heroes are creating opportunities for children to do just that in Harrow.

There are many people in Harrow who are passionate about environmental issues and who want to protect wildlife and ensure that Harrow maintains a rich environment for wildlife.

That wildlife in Harrow, as everywhere in the UK, is under constant threat and is in desperate need of understanding, valuing and protection.

That being outdoors and in nature have really beneficial effects on general and mental health, learning, and wellbeing. There is mounting research showing that this is indeed recognised by science.

Let’s build something great together.

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