Focus on Buds

Here are some tree identification tips to help you begin to notice features of and identify trees; little things you can look out for when you are out and about.

The bud at the tip of a twig is called a terminal bud and at the side of the twig, it is a lateral bud. How are the buds arranged on the twig?

You can look to see if the buds are ‘Paired’, ‘Alternate’ or ‘Spiral’? (see below for more information and description)

See what you notice when you are out and about. Send us your pictures and questions.

Here is my Oak twig.

Spiral – buds whorl alternately around the stem

Alternate – buds in pairs arranged in turn on opposite sides of the stem

Opposite – buds in pairs directly on either side of the stem

See for a good illustration.

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